In older times a person who wrote or re-wrote other's ideas and information into a presentable form were called 'scribes'. In present times and on-line, we are called 'webmasters', 'report writers', 'programmers' and/or 'database architects'. No matter which you prefer, if you are seeking for someone to develop a presentable on-line (or internal network) presentation of your ideas and information, then you have no need to look any further.

Scribe Designs is currently seeking these types of projects:

  • Analytics Reports / Metrics and Dashboards
  • New database driven web solutions
  • HL7 Interfaces
  • Intranet Tools & Services
  • Project Management
  • New Systems Development
  • Database Design & Consulting
  • Software Design & Consulting
  • Windows to Web Based Product Conversion
  • Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL SQL Scripts

New Opportunities

Now is YOUR chance to bring your business to the next level, just give us a knock at and you're well on your way to having a successful presence on the web.